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RCE Daemon is a small open-source (GPL) tool for administering local area network machines under Win32. It currently acts like a telnet dæmon (hence the name daemon) listens to TCP port 999 (hard-coded for now), is multithreading and allows connecting many users at once.

It's main feature is an ability to ban certain windows, which is critical since the program is designed to administer a high school LAN with WinNT4 SP5. (it has other features like disk surfing, mouse control, process management etc)

The graphical client is in development. You can peek at screenshots or get it from 0.1 beta release. It is included, but is buggy!

RCE Daemon is written in pure C++ (with STL/container class/string class usage) and runs on WinNT, 2k, XP as well as on 98/ME machines, although some functionality is not available on the not-NT machines. Win95 support is not tested. Haven't seen a 95 box for a long time.

Any comments/proposals/code additions/bug reports are WELCOME here!
  1. Download and unrar to some directory.
  2. Download the PassWord DataBase Editor (pwdbED package). Create the Password Database of your dreams. Save it to your local Windows directory (%windir%). (You don't have to get the pwdbED if you don't plan to use it much. See security note below.)
  3. Run rced.exe. Count it as a success when nothing happens (only the cursor may show hourglass for a short while).
  4. Telnet to localhost, port 999. Login using the username and password of the PWDB file you've created in step 1.
  5. Enjoy.

RCE comes with a default PWDB file which is used in case the system-wide file is not found. It's entries are:

  • guest:guest
  • user:user
  • admin:admin
  • root:root

Every entry have its own "rights" from 1 to 4 which controls access permissions.

Since I can't document everything I wrote, use the source code!

Please note that it is not a trojan horse and has no self-replication methods. (well... at the moment :)

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